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About Me

Hi! I'm Anua

I'm a sound therapist, yoga nidra practitioner, trainee counsellor and former primary school teacher. I hold practitioner diplomas with the Sound Healing Academy enabling me to work with groups and with individual clients.

I discovered the profound nature of sound through mantra during my yoga nidra training. The repetitive words of the chants combined with the sounds from the shruti box had a transformative effect which started me on a path to discover more about sound as a healing entity. During my journey, I found my voice: I have a special interest in the voice as a healing tool.


Since then I have taken my work into schools, universities and nursery settings helping children and adults to find balance, healing and relaxation.

I offer a unique blend of sound healing and yoga nidra. Through my work in education, I've seen how much stress adults and children can suffer from, and how healing sounds can help to alleviate that stress. It has been a pleasure to watch people's lives transform through the power of sound.

What I offer:

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Private sound healing sessions with me, in person at my home in Bath (women only) or online via Zoom. If you're not sure, book a free 15 minute taster session online.

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I offer wellness sessions to education and work settings. These sessions are designed to be an antidote to the stressful times in which we are living, and are are tailored to meet the particular needs of the setting.


It is my pleasure to offer sound baths with yoga nidra. Lie down, meditate and enjoy relaxing sounds.

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As an associate teacher with the Sound Healing Academy, I offer a foundation course in integral sound healing. This course will enable you use sound healing instruments on yourself, and your friends and family. 

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